Meet Your Coach...

Nureka Findlater is a certified coach who works emerging entrepreneurs in their first 1 to 2 years of business to get clear on their purpose, vision and passions, establishing a rock solid foundation for their life and business and a crystal clear blueprint to achieve their personal, professional and financial goals.

Nureka knows and fully believes that for one to live a fulfilled and successful life they must know and live in complete alignment with the purpose for which they were divinely created. The benefits of doing so are so many including but not limited to fulfillment, joy, focus, integrity, passion, being unstoppable, living a value-based life, fun, grace, freedom, a powerful sense of aliveness, motivation, direction, and flow. 

Nureka has coached and supported new and upcoming entrepreneurs in discovering and clarifying their life's purpose, shifting their mindset and unleashing their true potential and gaining the confidence to take the leap in building the business and life of their dreams.

Nureka is trained and certified through the John Maxwell Certification program and the Elite Coaching Certification Program.  She holds a registered nurse license as well as bachelors in Family, Youth and Community Sciences with a minor in Leadership.

Outside of her passion for coaching and supporting emerging entrepreneurs, Nureka loves spending quality time with her friends and family, serving on the worship team at her local church, dancing to wholesome music, cooking healthy delicious foods, and  traveling to new places.  Nureka loves fostering community and creating environments for deep and authentic connections.  She is fascinated with human behavior and human potential.


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