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 What is the Blueprint for Success Workshop?  I am so glad you asked.

The Blueprint for Success workshop is a powerful, experiential and transformational workshop. It is designed specifically for those who are seeking greater clarity of purpose, passion, vision, and productivity in their personal lives and in their businesses.  It has a powerful ripple effect for those who attend.


You’ll walk away with your own unique blueprint, to create unstoppable momentum and success in your life and business, defined on your terms, in full alignment with your purpose and vision.


How would it feel to gift yourself a day of uninterrupted introspection, reflection, to take a step back and reflect on your journey in life and business up to this point?  To think deeply into what you are doing and why you are doing it.

In this transformational workshop, you will get to do just that, in a safe, fun and supportive environment.


Who Should Attend?

You should attend if...

  • You're a coach, trainer, speaker in any capacity (life, leadership, business, career, etc).
  • You're an leader of a church organization, non-profit organization, owner of a business needing to create on the job purpose among teams.
  • You're an employee wanting to make a transition from your current work to work you love and was created for.
  • You're a  self-actualizing woman ready to give birth to your God given purpose in the world and courageously live it out.
  • You're a new or aspiring entrepreneur wanting to make the leap from a rock solid foundation. 
  • You're a network marketing professional wanting to develop the success of your down line team.


Who Should NOT Attend?

You should NOT attend if ...

  • You're not ready to commit fully to getting the results you want in your business and life.
  • You can't find the time or resources to invest in yourself and your business.
  • If you're a professional who is content with working & living in the 'status quo'. 
  • If you're NOT looking for a transformative experience for yourself.


Let me share more with you about this transformational workshop that will, without a doubt change the trajectory of your life and business in the best ways possible.

With Nureka Findlater
Unlike most 'workshops' where you show up, sit through tons of powerpoint presentations, get a bunch of information, for you to then go off to implement on your own... the The Blueprint For Success Transformational workshop I believe in creating a transformational experience on the day of the workshop.  I have you roll up your sleeves and put into action your new knowledge right away.
During our day together I'll help you:
  • Zoom in on your true purpose and passion, in work and in life.
  • Gain a solid understanding of what makes you come fully alive and what holds you back.
  • Get clear on your goals and where you want to go.
  • Create specific, measurable outcomes you desire to achieve in your life and business.
  • Break down your personalize action plan step by step.
  • Get insight into which activities provides the biggest payoff, financially and emotionally.


By the end of our day together, you'll walk away with clarity on your purpose and vision, as well as your own unique blueprint to create unstoppable momentum in your business and life.


You will benefit greatly from this transformational workshop


  • You're done with living from a place of confusion, frustration and exhaustion.
  • You're ready to take ownership of your time and not feel like you constantly don’t have enough of it.
  • You're done wandering through life and business without clarity.
  • You're finally ready to lift the lid and expose the unique purpose for which you were created.
  • You're committed to the process of discovery, creation and achievement in your life and business. 


In short, you should attend if being clear on your purpose, your vision, and your plan is what you want for yourself, your team and the clients you serve in 2019 and beyond!


You’ll walk away with a blueprint to create unstoppable momentum in your business and life:

  •  Your own clearly articulated purpose, passion, and vision statements. (This alone is PRICELESS to your success & fulfillment). 
  •  Personalized plan that will give you clarity & direction to reach your unique vision and goals. (VALUE: $1,600)
  •  Tools to break through the current blocks & barriers that are holding you back from success, fulfillment and meaning in your career and life. (VALUE: $2,400)
  •  Networking with creative, ambitious, and forward-thinking professionals. (VALUE: $197)


"Until thought is linked with purpose, there is no intelligent accomplishment." -James Allen


Regular Price $497

SUPER Special Discounted Price $50

Deadline to register is April 9, 2019 

Reserve your seat today as seating is limited!


















Regular Price $497

SUPER Special Discounted Price $50

Deadline to register is April 9, 2019

Reserve your seat today as seating is limited!

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